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What is the process for selling my diamond jewelry?

The process is simple.  Krigel Mesh Diamonds can meet you at our office, your bank, or your attorney's office. A thorough assessment of your items is performed, and in most cases, a bid will be offered at that time.  If you accept our bid, we can immediately write you a check. Occasionally further research is needed, but bids are usually offered within a few days.


Can I sell my jewelry by mail?

If you prefer to sell your jewelry by mail, you can call us for instructions.  In most cases we will advise you to ship us your jewelry through the United States Postal Service.


What happens to my jewelry after it is sold to Krigel Mesh Diamonds?

In most cases the diamonds are removed from their settings and sold on the wholesale market back to manufacturers, diamond brokers and retailers. Your platinum, gold or sterling silver settings are recycled.  Sometimes, if the item is in near perfect condition and the style is still popular, we will have a jeweler polish and check the integrity of the ring and offer it for sale to the public through eBay.


How do I know I am being given a fair price for my diamonds?

Krigel Mesh Diamonds is not the only company that buys diamonds from the public. What sets our company apart from others is that we do not have the expense of a retail store.  Stores are costly and your diamond would have to sit in a showcase for days, months or years, costing the retailer a significant amount of money.  Rather, we quickly sell the diamonds back to manufacturers, retailers and diamond brokers, enabling us to keep down our costs and insure that you receive a competitive, fair price for your jewelry. On rare occasions, we might sell an refurbished item on eBay as a pre-owned item.


Can I sell to Krigel Mesh Diamonds on an anonymous basis?

No, state and local laws stipulate that you must disclose your name and address by providing a state-issued ID.  We do, however, keep your identity completely confidential to the full extent that the law allows.


Why would you entrust Krigel Mesh Diamonds to buy your diamond jewelry?

We have been helping people who are selling diamond rings and other diamond jewelry for many years. We specialize in honest, fair, and timely transactions.