Sometimes, small diamonds don't hold their value because there is just as much labor to set them as there is to buy the loose diamonds that go in them.  In this case, I recently purchased this ring from an individual that hardly wore it.  It shows very little wear and I'm now selling it for $1200 for 2 carats of diamonds.  It helps that the ring is in 14 Karat white gold, since yellow gold is not very popular any more.  Also, the style is not a basic, but its also not "way out" there.  It is a different twist on an otherwise conservative look.  The diamonds are very white, nearly colorless, but they have some natural imperfections, but not too bad.  It has great shine and "curb appeal."  If I had to guess, this item was rather new, most likely less than 10 years old.  However, many fine white gold rings were made before 1980, when yellow gold took over.  White gold starts out life as pure yellow gold, but alloys are added to make it 14 Karat.  In white gold, they use a combination of white metals that turn the natural yellow gold color to white.  Most jewelers that make white gold rings plate the rings with rhodium, a very expensive metal to make the white gold "pop" with a glistening white look.