Emerald Cut Tanzanite Ring Diamond Ring two tone gold  14 karat yellow and white gold
The top half of this ring is white gold and the bottom half is yellow gold.
Our client brought in her own Tanzanite and challenged us to come up with a design that showed off her unique sense of style.  Tanzanites in rings present a unique challenge because they are a softer than the average gemstone.  If exposed to edges of a ring, they tend to crack & abraid on the edges and generally won't look very good within a few years of constant wear.  If you only wear your Tanzanite once in a while, they are fine, but with everyday wear and tear, they will get knocked around and not look so hot after a few years.  We helped our client design a mounting that was not only unique, but protected the edges of the Tanzanite.  We also combined white gold holding one side of the Tanzanite and yellow gold holding in the other side of the tanzanite.