Our Client came to us with a picture from an auction house that had recently sold this ring.  Since the ring was from 1915, the style was not a normal jewelry store item.  She really wanted it in yellow gold, so we went to work re-styling the ring. 

We created a CAD first. 

The minor changes to the original design were made to accommodate more diamonds and for durability. The original ring was made with a very thin shank (bottom portion of the ring) for a woman in the early 20th century, likely a high-class society type. This woman likely didn't work and so her jewelery didn't need to endure much more than the occasional clink against a champagne flute.  We thickened the shank and made the ring more robust.  The results speak for themselves.  The ring we created has 1.42 carats of diamonds (more than half a carat more than the original), will last a lifetime, and looks amazing.